Sterling Silver Open Heart Stud Earrings.

The grand version of our classic silver Desire heart, curvaceous in its contemporary shape with soft satin-finish touches along the inside edge. Our ‘Love Story’, with its open silhouetted design, is perfect in every way, symbolising affection, openness and tenderness. Made in rhodium-plated sterling silver, these timeless heart stud earrings are a thoughtful yet discerning gift, and moreover, an indulgently opulent style choice.
Evolved from our timeless Desire heart, Love Story celebrates love and affection in an unimitable, tangible style. Made in rhodium-plated sterling silver with touches of satin textures, this silver heart jewellery collection is both timeless and modern in its design.
Weight:  6.33g
Width:  1.42cm
Height:  2.15cm
Metal:  Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver