Jewellery & Watch Repairs

Whether your special piece of jewellery is a cherished family heirloom or a special gift from a loved one, your jewellery treasures will sometimes need a little extra care and attention to keep them looking at their best.

Jewellery Repairs & Alterations

Whether your special piece of jewellery is a cherished family heirloom or a special gift from a loved one, your jewellery treasures will sometimes need a little extra care and attention to keep them looking at their best. Accidental damage or general wear and tear can prevent you from enjoying your special jewellery and all too often these pieces become unused when they could in fact easily be repaired. Don’t leave jewellery items languishing at the back of your safe or jewellery box when our skilled workshop have the expertise to restore the integrity and beauty of any jewellery piece and can even refashion old, damaged jewellery into beautiful new designs.

Jewellery Repairs

At Infinity Jewellers in Caterham, we offer an array of services in-store, from jewellery repair to alter, restore or remake your jewellery, returning it to its former beauty and sparkling just like new again.

Our repair service covers all jewellery from platinum, gold and silver as well as colour matching and replacing any diamonds or gemstones. so you can be sure your precious jewellery is in safe hands.

Our ring re-sizing and simple repairs take 5 to 7 days, while a full remodel takes up to 6 weeks. Most repairs take no longer than 2 weeks, but if you have a special occasion coming up and need something repaired urgently, please speak with us and we will try to accommodate you.

A full repair quotation is always provided before work begins and your jewellery is fully covered by our insurance whilst it is with us. Simply bring in to us the jewellery you’d like to be cleaned, and we’ll advise you on the exact process and we’ll tell you how much it’ll cost. All jewellery repair estimations are free.

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All of our repairs are guaranteed for 1 year.

It is really easy for the claws around any diamond or gemstone to deteriorate as a result of natural wear and tear. It is not uncommon for claws to break, which increases the possibility of losing a precious stone.

We offer re-tipping and rebuilding claws to their original standard. 

We understand how devastating it is to lose a precious diamond or gemstone from any piece of jewellery. We believe our diamond and gemstone matching and replacement service is second to none.
We can replace your precious missing stone or reset any you have managed to save.

What is the point of having a piece of jewellery, such as a family heirloom if you never get to wear it because it is not to your taste? Our jewellery alteration service can bring a new life into old jewellery so you can enjoy it and wear it again.

we can make completely new bespoke jewellery from any platinum, gold or silver jewellery items, including resetting existing stones.

Pearl bracelets and strands are versatile and sophisticated, pearls can be worn at any occasion without looking out of place. But over time, through everyday wear, residue builds up in between the pearls and softens the material upon which they’re threaded. As the thread weakens, there’s more chance of the strand snapping, and eventually, the thread can look discoloured and tired.

At Infinity Jewellers in Caterham, we’d recommend having your pearls restrung every few years to avoid damaging your pearls should the thread snap during wear.

If you’d like to have your pearls rethreaded, simply pop in to us and we’ll have them rethreaded for you. This process should take up to 2 weeks and the cost is dependent on the size of the item.

All jewellery items are exposed to general wear and tear and require cleaning. We recommend that your most valuable pieces of jewellery should be checked and cleaned at least once a year to avoid any unnecessary breakage or stone loss. Our experts at the workshop can quickly identify any weak spots not seen by the naked eye and prevent any deterioration or stone loss.

Our cleaning service gently but thoroughly cleans any jewellery, whether it is platinum or gold and brings the sparkle back to any diamonds or gemstones. 

While some jewellery can be cleaned at home, our specialist cleaning service ensures any delicate jewellery is cleaned without the danger of damage. We have specialist cleaning equipment to gently clean and restore the natural beauty of any jewellery.

Watch Repairs & Servicing

There’s nothing more frustrating than looking down at your wrist to find that your much loved wristwatch has stopped. And many of us don’t realise how much we rely on our watches during the day, until they’re not functioning properly. But rather than coming to the conclusion that you need to buy a new watch, why not bring your beloved timepiece into Infinity Jewellers in Caterham to see if we can get it ticking again.

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All of our servicing are guaranteed for 1 year.

A watch can stop for many reasons, but the most common is because it’s in need of a new battery. If you bring your watch in to us, we’ll be able to provide you with a new battery within approximately 15 minutes. Or alternatively, we can provide a battery and reseal which can be done in approximately 10 days. A reseal ensures that your watch will remain waterproof and prevents any unwanted moisture from getting into your timepiece that could affect the way it functions in the future.

If we’re unable to provide a new battery on the day, we can store your watch overnight in one of our secure safes to be attended to the following working day – all items left in store overnight are covered by our insurance.

If you are unsure as to whether we’ll be able to provide you with a new battery, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via phone or email, we will be able to assist you further.

Battery (approx. 15 minutes*): £8 - £10
Battery and Reseal up to 100m (approx. 10 days*): £35

Whether you’re tired of your worn-out old leather watch strap or need a few links taken out of your steel watch bracelet to ensure the perfect fit, at Infinity we’re here to help.

We can remove links from your watch bracelet to perfectly fit your wrist in 15 minutes, for only £10.

Or if you select and purchase a new watch strap from us in-store, we’ll fit it for you for no extra charge! Our genuine leather LBS watch straps start from as little as £15, and are available in an assortment of colours and styles.

If your wristwatch needs to be restored to its former glory or isn’t ticking quite like it used to, we can provide you with the option of a watch service. Handled by independent specialists off-site, (all watches handled off-site are fully covered by our insurance).

The amount of time it takes to service your timepiece is entirely dependent on how much work needs to be done, but as a general rule, we estimate a minimum of 2 weeks. Once the watch is in full working order, it is returned to the store and we will call you to let you know it’s ready for you to collect and pay for at your earliest convenience.

In order to receive a quote as to how much the service will cost, the watch will need to be sent off for an estimate. If you decide to proceed with the work to be done, your watch will be returned as mentioned above. However, if you decide not to go ahead with the service, your watch will be returned to you undone. Please note the minimum time for an estimate to take place and be returned to you undone is 2 weeks.

Jewellery Valuations

At Infinity Jewellers we are proud to offer a comprehensive valuation service. All of our valuations are undertaken on the premises by a trusted independent valuer and are usually turned around within 1week.

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• We have a trusted, independent valuer who visits Infinity once a month to complete valuations on-site.

• We can book up to 25 items for each of the valuer's visits, although more items can be done by prior arrangements.

• You can book the service in-store, by calling us on 01883 818280 or by sending an email to

• You need to leave your item(s) the day before the valuer visits or whenever is convenient. All items are held in the safe and insured while they are in store at Infinity.

During their visit, the valuer will take photos, make notes, and measure and grade all gemstones & diamonds.

• Once this process has been completed, the jewellery can be collected later that same day.

• The valuer will send an email of a PDF copy of the valuation approximately within a week of the visit, which is then sent to you via a password-protected email.

• The hard copy (bounded folder) of the valuation is received via post from the valuer within 1 week. Once we have received this, we will let you know that your valuation is ready to be collected in-store.

Our fees are structured on a ‘per item’ basis rather than a percentage of the overall value. We believe this to be fairer and more ethical which, in the majority of cases, has the added benefit of knowing exactly what your valuation will cost from the outset.

All insurance valuation schedules are bound in a quality folder containing digital images of your jewellery/ watches together with a full description including stone weights and dimensions, hallmark details, gross weight and a current value. A glossary of terms used in the schedule can be found at the back of your folder to enable you to fully understand the document.

Document Fee (PDF only)

Each item

Premium item (see note below)

Note: Premium items are those that take longer to research, such as diamonds over 1.00ct, large multi-stone items and antiques or rare items, however most items are charged at the standard rate. All fees are inclusive of VAT at the current rate.

A valuation consisting two items, one of which is a plain gold item, would be priced thus:

Document Fee

Two items @ £60.00


A valuation consisting two items, one of which is a premium item, would price thus:

Document Fee

One item

One 2.00ct single stone premium item @ £90.00 per carat


Jewellery & Watch Repairs In Caterham

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