Jewellery & Watch Valuation

Whether you have an engagement ring that requires an insurance valuation, or you’ve got a few bits of jewellery tucked away somewhere that you’d be interested in discovering their true value, it’s worth taking the time to bring in your items in to us.

Expert Valuations

Once a month, we have an Independent Registered Valuer Karra from Crystal Clear Valuations who attends the store in Caterham and can value up to 25 items on the day. Due to the restricted amount of items that can be valued in one day, we ask that you phone us or visit the store to confirm availability. We’ll then book your items in with us over the phone. You can drop your items to us before the appointment or on the day and collect them the same day with the document to follow in 7-10 working days.

Jewellery Repairs

We have a sample valuation in store so you can see exactly what you will receive. All valuations are provided in a smart presentation folder with colour digital images. We offer this service all jewellery items, including;

Diamond and Gem-set Jewellery

Watches & Pocket Watches

Gold Jewellery


Bespoke Pieces

Antique Jewellery


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So Why Choose An IRV?

A valuation is an informed, unbiased opinion based on many years of experience allied to formal training in gemmology and other specialist areas of product knowledge. Valuations today need to be undertaken to a very high standard; the highest level is represented by the National Association of Jewellers Institute of Registered Valuers.

Valuations carried out by a registered valuer will be undertaken professionally to the prescribed standards.

Creating a valuation document is a serious matter. It is a legal document detailing your property, which must be carried out by a qualified, experienced professional. Our Valuer is just that.

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Valuation Charges

At Infinity Jewellers, we use the services of Crystal Clear Valuations. Valuations can be provided for Insurance, Family Division, Probate & Sale between parties. We charge on a "per-item" basis, which means we can estimate the cost up front. This also means there is no bias to inflating values, or taking longer than needed to produce a valuation.
If you are unsure what pricing your items come under, please contact us for a quote. See below for the price really is that Crystal Clear!

This cost covers the cost for the creation of your document, including photography, presentation and printing. This is charged once per valuation.

This cost covers all Diamonds under 1 carat and those over with a recognised Diamond repot.

Diamonds over 1 Carat with no report are charged at £75.00 per carat.
Therefore a 1.35 Carat Diamond will cost £101.25.

This is for items of lower value that do not justify a fully detailed appraisal. An example would be a group of Gold Earrings or a group of Chains. Maximum 6 items per group.

Exceptional items are those that require further research to establish a value. This includes premium watches, Very Fine Vintage & Antique Jewellery and some branded goods. Please email us with an image so as we can establish a cost.

Probate Valuations often include a number of low-value items. Please contact us for a quote on this service. You can reach us on 01883 818280.

If you require an updated valuation (re-valuation) of items Crystal Clear Valuations has previously valued we offer a reduced fee.

If you have Jewellery and Watch items that you have been left or simply don’t know much about, we are happy to cast our eye over them to advise you what you may have. We can test the metals, assess any gemstones and Diamonds, and answer any questions you may have about them. This service is becoming increasingly popular, especially with inherited items.

We charge £65.00 per hour to assess items on this basis; however, if you decide to have some of the items documented for Insurance, we will reduce this fee. £65.00 is the minimum charge for this service.

Another value type that we are being asked for more regularly is regarding the sale of jewellery and watches. Many customers take items to a pawnbroker or jeweller to sell; however, are unsure as to whether the figure they are being quoted is fair.

To give you peace of mind, we can either provide you with a verbal estimate of their likely sale value, or a document listing the items along with an open market value.

Verbal estimates are charged at £65.00 per hour, documented items are the same as the Insurance Valuation fees.

Jewellery & Watch Valuation In Caterham

Visit our store today or speak to a member of our team on 01883 818 280.